Kumbh Mela Nashik 2015 Road maps, Parking space and Routes for Devotees

Route No.1:- Pligrims coming from Dhule side by Agra Road

Incoming Route:- Pligrims coming from Dhule side by Agra Road will first come to Adgaon outer parking then they will go by walking to Adgaon Truck Terminal and then they will take S.T. Bus and will reach Nilgiri Baug Internal Parking via Hanuman Nagar. Distance:- 9.77 Km.

They will walk from Nilgiri Baug Chaufuli- Pawar Mala-Sanap Dairy-on new bridge to STP filteration plant- Takali Sangam Ghat. They will take holy bath at Takali Sangam Ram Ghat. Distance:- 2.63 Km.

Outgoing Route:- After bathing at Takali Sangam Ram Ghat they will go by Western side ramp — Takali Sangam Bridge new road – Godavari Mangal Karyalay – Jejurkar Mala -Aurangabad Road Mirchi Dhaba Chaufuli – then they will cross Aurangabad Road – and from right side of Aurangabad Road- Nilgiri Baug Internal Parking Distance:- 2.65 Km.

From there by S.T. Bus via Hanuman Nagar they will reach their outer parking Distance:- 9.77 Km.

Route No.2: Pilgrims coming from Aurangabad side

Incoming Route:- Pilgrims coming from Aurangabad will reach to Mad Sangavi Parking area. Also pilgrims coming from Odha Railway Station by railways will also come to Mad Sangavi Parking by S.T. Bus – they will walk from right side to Nandur Naka- and from left side of Shri Sant Janardan Swami bridge they will take holy bath to Nandur Ram Ghat. Distance:- 5.00 Km.

Outgoing Route:- After having bath at Nandur Ram Ghat- from Sulabh Shauchalaya- Mauli Krupa Kirana Stores- Vitthal Rukmini Mandir- Municipal School No.88- Hambare Vasti- Aurangabad Road T Point right side – Mad Sangavi Parking. Distance:- 4.60Km.


Route No.3: Pilgrims coming from Pune/Nashik Road Railway Station by Railway

Incoming Route:- Pilgrims coming from Pune will reach to Chincholi Shivar outer Parking, from Mohgaon Shivar they will take S.T. Bus via Samangaon Road to Internal Parking of Sinnar Phata of Market Yard. Distance:-11.00 Km.

From Sinnar Phata Market Yard- from left side under fly over- Shivaji Statue- Bytco signal from left side- Jail road- ISP Press- left side of Water Tank of Jail Road- Sailani Baba Darga Chowk- they will reached to right side of Shri Sant Swami Janardan Bridge and they will bath at Dasak Ram Ghat. Distance:-5.76Km.

Pilgrims coming by Railways will go to Ram Ghat by route as under:-

1. Pilgrims coming from NashikRoad Railway Station will go to Sinnar Phata and from there left side of Shivaji Statue, they will go to Bytco Chowk.

2. Pilgrims coming to Devi Chowk will go Shivaji Statue Bytco Chowk.

3. Pilgrims coming from Maldhakka Road- and Station wadi will go by Subhash Road to Dr. Ambedkar Statue, Shivaji Statue – Bytco Chowk.

All above pilgrims from Bytco Chowk will go to Dasak Ram Ghat for Holy bath by Jail Road.

Outgoing Route:- After having Holy bath at Dasak Ram Ghat pilgrims will go back by following routes

1. Stepes near Smashan Bhumi Shed- Stepes near Dashkriya Shed- Waman Dada Kardak Smark- from left side of Waman Dada Kardak liabrary they will come to Jail Road.

2. Dashkriya Vidhi Shed- Saitrik India Ltd. Company compound wall to Kapote Niwas Borade Lane- Panchak Gaon Chowk- Vidyaniketan School No.36- Shani Mandir- Adhav Petrol Pump to Jail Road.

3. Panchak Gaon Pumping Station- Municipal Hospital- Shani Mandir- Adhav Petrol Pump To Jail Road.

Above all pilgrims will go by Jail Road to Sailani Baba Darga- Water Tank of Jail Road- Kothari Kanya School- Bytco Signal- In front of Nashik Road Police Satation- ramp of left side of fly over they will reached to Sinnar Phata Market yard Internal Parking Distance:-5.98Km.

From this Internal Parking they will go to Mohgaon/ Chincholi Shivar outer parking by S.T. Bus. Distance:-11.00 Km.

The pilgrims going by Railway will go to Nashik Road Station via Shivaji Statue and Dr.Ambedkar Statue.

Route No.4: Pilgrims coming from Mumbai

Incoming Route:-Pilgrims coming from Mumbai will reach to Rajur Bahula/Vilholi Jain Tample outer parking from there they will take S.T. Bus and via Vilholi fly over- via Bhujbal Farm T poing- to Mahamarg Bus Stand Internal Parking Distance:-11.50 Km.

1.From Mahamard Bus Stand pilgrims will go to- by service road to NCP Office road- Wadala Naka Chauphuli- Sai Muskan Hotel- NDCC Bank-warka Circle Hanuman Temple- Hotel Dwarka- Hotel Mathura-Takali Phata- Ghodeswar Pirbaba Darga- by Takali Road- Shankar Nagar Chauphuli- turn left to Godavari MIDC Road-Patel Tiles- back side of Maruti Farsan-Haji Mithai- they will go on ramp to Lakshmi Narayan Ram Ghat for Holy bath. Distance:-3.00 Km.

2. From Patel Tiles-left side of Scrap Market- Old Maruti wafers Factory- Plastik Factory- left side ramp to Lakshmi Narayan Ram Ghat for Holy bath. Distance:-3.00 Km.

Outgoing Route:- 1. After having Holy bath pilgrims will move to Parina Ice cream road- MSEB Sub Station Road- Godavari MIDC Road-Kothavade Treading Company- Mahamarg S.T. Stand.

2. After having Holy bath pilgrims will move towords Amrut Vinayak Hospital-kashamali Mangal Karyalay-Kothavade Treading Company- Mahamarg S.T. Stand Internal Parking, Mumbai Naka. Distance:-3.00 Km.

Thus the piligrims will take S.T. Bus from Mahamarg S.T. Stand, Mumbai Naka to their outer parking at Rajur Bahula/ Vilholi Jain Temple. Distance:-11.50 Km.




Source: Nashik Kumbh Mela website

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