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Allahabad Kumbh mela 2013 Bathing Dates

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kumbh mela allahabad 2013

The highlight feature of the Kumbh Mela is the bathing ceremony (snan). Millions of people travel across the globe to take a dip inthe Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati during the festival as it is believed by doing so one gets free from the baggage of sins committed in his lifetime and also attains salvation which is freedom from the cycle of birth and death. The Vedic Scriptures account for several other reasons to take bath in Holy Rivers like Ganges, Yamuna, Godawari and Narmada. The bathing ceremony is the most auspicious activity in this festival apart from the enlightenment one receives through spiritual discussions with the saints.

In Vedic culture, every river is personified as a deity and the water stream is interpreted as the material manifestation of that personality. Rivers are deified as mothers as they are a source for human existence. River Ganga is one of the most special rivers as it is believed to come directly from the ocean of milk by washing the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. Bathing in the holy waters of Ganga is believed to be most auspicious at the time of Kumbh Mela.

Allahabad. Bathing at the time of Maha Kumbh also known as Shahi snan or Royal Bathing Days.

After 12  long years the grand event is again at the doorstep for people to grab the opportunity to witness the magnificent spectacle at Allahabad, the place of confluence of the three holy rivers,  in January, 2013.  The details about the most auspicious days during the festival on which devotees will take the holy dip in the waters of Ganges, Yamuna and the lost Saraswati are enlisted below:

[box] Shahi Snan starts at 6:00 Am [/box]

Maha Kumbh Mela 2013 Bathing (Shahi Snan) Dates

Bathing Dates Day Occasion Remark
14th January 2013 Sunday Makar Sankarnti First Shahi Snan
27th January 2013 Sunday Paush Purnima
6th February 2013 Wednesday Ekadashi Snan
10th February 2013 Sunday Mauni Amavasya Snan Main Bathing Day (Dark moon)
15th February 2013 Friday Basant Panchami Snan  Fifth day of the new moon (Last Shahi Snan )
17th February 2013 Sunday Rath Saptami Snan
18th February 2013 Monday Bhisma Ashtami Snan  Eigth day of the new moon
25th February 2013 Monday Maghi Purnima Snan
10th March 2013 Sunday Shivaratri Snan  Shivaratri is not a shahi snan

These are the dates when millions will come to take a holy dip at confluence of holy rivers at Allahabad. For further help please visit  Kumbh Mela 2013 Facebook page and post any queries about the festival.


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