In Sanskrit ‘Athiti’ means guest and “Atithi devo bhavaḥ”  or अतिथि देवो भवः is a phrase equating guests to God. India is extremely rich in its culture and tradition which traces its roots back to the ancient Vedic stories. The guests in India are treated with extreme respect and are put at an elevated pedestal conforming to all their needs and luxuries. Stories in the Vedas like the one where Lord Vishnu visited his devotee’s house ratify the foundational nature of the tradition deeply engrained in Indian society. But unfortunately with the rise in commercialization and increasing separation from religion among the newer generations, this tradition is gradually dying out.  The Kumbh Mela is also subjected to commercialism where people are using religion affinities of people to make money and accommodation is a big part of it. Travel agents have turned the great religious spectacle into a business and charge exorbitant rates from the pilgrims for accommodation and other facilities.

The site recommends accommodation at  ISKCON or International Society for Krishna Consciousness’s.

The following table provides the details of the rates and facilities it offers.

For further details: ISKCON website

The prices include accommodation as described and Prasadam (Food which offered to Lord Krishna).


Dates No of Days No Persons Swiss Cottage European Plan

13th to 15th Jan



Rs 11,000 (225$)

Rs 7,000 (145$)

26th to 28th Jan



Rs 11,000 (225$)

Rs 7,000 ((145$)

9th to 11th Feb



Rs 21,000 (425 $)

Rs 15,000 (300 $)

14th to 18th Feb



Rs 21,000 (425 $)

Rs 15,000 (300 $)

Swiss Cottage Tents will be available on dates other than those listed above for Rs.1,000 per day for six persons including Prasadam (Food).

Why we recommend ISKCON Accommodation during Kumbh Mela?

Based on our personal experience of staying in ISKCON temples we can ensure that you will get

  1. First class vegetarian food – Prasadam.
  2. Spiritual enlightenment by attending the functions at campsite.

There are many other religious groups having their own camps in Maha Kumbh festival and you can search for them as well to get inexpensive accommodation.