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Recommended Kumbh Mela 2013 Accommodation in Allahabad

In Sanskrit ‘Athiti’ means guest and “Atithi devo bhavaḥ”  or अतिथि देवो भवः is a phrase equating guests to God. India is extremely rich in its culture and tradition which traces its roots back to the ancient Vedic stories. The guests in India are treated with extreme respect and are put at an elevated pedestal conforming to all their needs and luxuries. Stories in the Vedas like the one where Lord Vishnu visited his devotee’s house ratify the foundational nature of the tradition deeply engrained in Indian society. But unfortunately with the rise in commercialization and increasing separation from religion among the newer generations, this tradition is gradually dying out.  The Kumbh Mela is also subjected to commercialism where people are using religion affinities of people to make money and accommodation is a big part of it. Travel agents have turned the great religious spectacle into a business and charge exorbitant rates from the pilgrims for accommodation and other facilities.


Kumbh Mela Nashik

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The site recommends accommodation at  ISKCON or International Society for Krishna Consciousness’s.

The following table provides the details of the rates and facilities it offers.


The prices include accommodation as described and Prasadam (Food which offered to Lord Krishna).


Dates No of Days No Persons Swiss Cottage European Plan

13th to 15th Jan



Rs 11,000 (225$)

Rs 7,000 (145$)

26th to 28th Jan



Rs 11,000 (225$)

Rs 7,000 ((145$)

9th to 11th Feb



Rs 21,000 (425 $)

Rs 15,000 (300 $)

14th to 18th Feb



Rs 21,000 (425 $)

Rs 15,000 (300 $)

Swiss Cottage Tents will be available on dates other than those listed above for Rs.1,000 per day for six persons including Prasadam (Food).

Why we recommend ISKCON Accommodation during Kumbh Mela?

Based on our personal experience of staying in ISKCON temples we can ensure that you will get

  1. First class vegetarian food – Prasadam.
  2. Spiritual enlightenment by attending the functions at campsite.

There are many other religious groups having their own camps in Maha Kumbh festival and you can search for them as well to get inexpensive accommodation.






Accommodation Rate Comparison at Kumbh Mela in Allahabad

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Accommodation Rate Comparison at Kumbh Mela in Allahabad

This post compares the rates of different accommodation facilities for the Kumbh Mela 2013 available on the internet. In reality, only the government can provide accommodation on mela site during the Kumbh Mela and there is no outsourcing of the facilities. So the private agencies reserve accommodation through government agencies and charge their customers with higher rates for the same facilities.

Following is the list of websites found on internet that claim to provide residence during the Maha Kumbh Festival.

Note: These websites may not be associated with the UP Government which provides cottages and dormitories for staying during the festival. 

Official Website is UP Tourism

Rates from UP Tourism

Rahi llawart Tourist Bungalow

35 M.G. Marg, Allahabad

ph.: 0532-2407440, 2408374 Fax : 0532-2408461

E-mail : rahiilawart@up-tourism.com

Kumbh Fair tariff : (Effective from 01 January, 2013 to 10 March, 2013)

Types of Room Single Occupancy (INR) Double Occupancy (INR) Description
Ganga- Yamuna & Saraswati   7000.00 Cold Drink, Mineral Water, Break-fast-Complimentary for two persons
A.C. Deluxe 3300.00 3500.00 Cold Drink, Mineral Water, Bed Tea, Break- fast- Complimentary
A.C. Semi-Deluxe 2800.00 3000.00 Bed Tea-Complimentary
A.C. Economic 2300.00 2500.00  
4 Bed   2500.00  
Dormitory 500.00 Per Bed  

Image of tents

kumbh mela accommodation

Rahi Triveni Darshan,Yamuna Bank Road, Kydganj, AllahabadPh.:0532-2558646E-mail : rahitrivenialahabad@up-tourism.com Kumbh Fair tariff : (Effective from 01 January, 2013 to 10 March, 2013)
Types of Room Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
A.C.Room Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2200/-
Non A.C. Room Rs. 1200/- Rs. 1400/-
Dormitory Rs. 250/- Per Bed  

Tariff of Tent colony at Kumbh Fair : (Effective from 01 January, 2013 to 10 March, 2013)

Swiss Cottage (Double Occupancy, A.P.Plan) Rs. 6000.00 per day
Dormitory Cottage Rs. 500.00 per bed- per day.


  • For reservation 100% advance will be required.
  • All applicable Taxes will be charged extra.
  • For Swiss Cottage no refund..

For Rooms:-

15 Days or more : 90% refundable
10 to 14 Days : 75% refundable
3 to 9 Days : 50% refundable
Less than 3 Days : No refundable

List of other websites claiming to provide accommodation at Kumbh Mela:

  1.  www.kumbhamela.net: This is one of the oldest  websites on Kumbh Mela. It may be recognized by Department of Tourism. The site does not mention any rates for cottages or tents one can register through the “Contact our Tour Planner” link and can get the actual details required.
  2.  www.kumbhmela.net:  This site is identical in name with the first one and provides information on the various types of accommodations available during the Kumbh Mela including the Swiss tents, star rated hotels and dorms. There is not much information on the accommodation prices.
  3. www.kumbhmela.co.in: This is a well-organized website that has a detailed list of type of accommodations and their respective prices. The prices mentioned will be enlisted at the end of the post.
  4. www.mahakumbhyatra.com: This is a newly launched website as compared to the others and provides a platform for easy navigation and access to rates and type of accommodation during the festival.
  5. www.kumbhmelapackages.com: This website is found in the Google Sponsored Ads links. It provides different types of  Kumbh Mela packages ranging from 10,000Rs (200$) to 20,000Rs (400$). 


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Official website rates for Kumbh Mela 2013 accommodation

Official Website Accommodation rates for kumbh mela 2013 from U.P. Government .

Many private websites are providing Swiss Cottage accommodation for the Kumbh festival but according to the officials there are no such websites providing this type of accommodation.

According to Additional Mela Officer Ashutosh Dwivedi, the matter came to light when certain people seeking to book Swiss-style cottages through unauthorized private websites approached the festival organizers.

There are no websites issued by the Government for allocating cottages to private agencies, Mr. Dwivedi said, adding that necessary information about the Mela is available on the official website of the Kumbh Mela.”

This is from The Hindu newspaper  http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-newdelhi/article3729838.ece  read more on this link.

this is from Time of India  http://m.timesofindia.com/city/lucknow/Fake-websites-selling-Kumbh-cottages/articleshow/16804727.cms

[box] Special Accommodation for Our Visitors. Get your Kumbh Mela accommodation with spiritual organizations or with tour providers at cheaper rates. For details contact us.[/box]


The official website for booking cottages is Uttar Pradesh Tourism.

It provides cheaper accommodation for kumbh mela 2013. The readers are suggested to not book accommodation for this festival from private websites which might be fraudulent.

kumbh mela accommodation

This above photo is from UP tourism website. The accommodation rates are cheaper than that provides by the other private websites. Most of the websites featuring in Google Search Results are personal websites launched by travel agents and their authenticity is highly dubious. The next post will feature complete rates and comparison with other private rates. People who are on a budget trip are recommended to stay in dormitories as they are a lot cheaper than the other housing options during the festival and would cost around $10 a day.

Recommended Kumbh Mela 2013 Accommodation in Allahabad

Importance of Mauni Amavasya snan (bathing ) at kumbh mela

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