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Get latest photos and videos of kumbh mela. Recent photos will be available only at the time of festival.

Recent Photos of kumbh mela

Latest Photos of kumbh mela 2013

I have taken these pics on 8th and 9th Feb at various places in kumbh mela. Soon I will upload photos taken on 10th Feb which was the main bathing day.
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Kumbh Mela 2013 Live Video Streaming

Live Kumbh Mela Videos

Almost all the news channels in India are covering kumbh mela. If you want to view live broadcast of kumbh mela than visit news channel websites. I will try to update you with latest information from kumbh mela on our facebook page

Live videos will be broadcast from 5:30 Am onward on shahi snan day. First shahi snan  starts at 6:00Am.

Live coverage of kumbh mela will be only on main bathing dates.


I will add more links on the day of shahi snan. Visit this page for latest live videos from kumbh mela 2013.
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Jai Ganga Maiya


Aerial View of Kumbh Mela 2013

Aerial view of kumbh city created during festival

Here are recent photos shot using RC planes by our friend Gaurav during kumbh mela 2013. You can visit his website Flying Camera Production for covering  kumbh mela you can get more photos from his website.



AMRIT NECTAR OF IMMORTALITY is a documentary which was shot at the time of the biggest pilgrim festival of the world — the Kumbh Mela — in Haridwar (north India). The film tells the stories of people and their connection with the holy river Ganges. Pilgrims, ascetics, yogis, western emigrants, scientists and environment activists report from their life on the holy river, their belief, the future of the Ganga and the importance of Amrit — the nectar of immortality. But what is Amrit? Is it a mysterious drank? The holy water of Ganges? Or rather an inner way to the immortality of the soul? The film is a journey in search of answers to these questions, a journey in a strange world, in search of the nectar of immortality.

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Spirit of Moksha – Kumbh Mela Video

Spirit of Moksha is a self explanatory journey to explore various aspects of largest human gathering on earth i.e Kumbh Mela, 2010, Haridwar. What is this sacred belief and what drives millions of people across the world believe in such a time immemorial event? The relevance of this largest religious festival on earth has stood the test of time and has always remained contemporary. It has evolved out of the need for mankind and still continues to do so by encompassing the humane aspects of purity, truth, unity, gratitude, happiness etc. this finally leads to the divine path developing the spirit of Moksha.

Documentary created by Life Link Movies