List of Akharas Participating in Kumbh mela 2013

Akharas In Kumbh Mela 2013

Here is list of participating akharas. This is official  list published by kumbh mela administration.

Sampradaya Name Of Akharas Adrress of Akharas
 Saivas  Sanyasi Akhada Shri Panchayati Akhada Mahanirvani DaraGanj Prayag Allahabad
Shri Panch Atal Akhada Chaak Hanuman KatuhaPura Kasi Varanasi
Shri Panchayati Akhada Niranjani 47/44 Mori Daraganj Prayag
Taponidhi Shri Anand Akhada Panchayati Swami Sagaranad Asharm Trikamsevar Nashik
Shri Panchadashnam Juna Akhada Bada Hanuman Ghat kasi,Varanasi
Shri Panchadashnam Ahvan Akhada D 17/122 Dashasmeva ghat kasi,Varanasi
Shri Panchadashnam PanchaAgni Akhada Talhati Girinagar po Bhavnath junagar(GJ)
Vairagi Vaishnava Akhadas Shri Digambarani Akhada Samalaji Khaka chauka mandir Sambar Kantha GJ
Shri Nirvani Akhada Shri Ahyodhya ji Hanuman Gadi Faizabad
Shri Nimrohiani Akhada Shri Nimrohiani Akhada
Dhir Samir mandir vanshivat virndavan
Udasin Sampradaya Akhadas Shri Panchayati Bada Udasin Akhada Krishna Nagar Kiidganj Allahabad,
Shri Panchayati Akhada Naya Udasin Kankhal Haridwar
Shri Nirmal Panchayati Akhada Sita ghat road kankhal haridwar
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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    Hi I’m trying to reach Anand Giri Manraj he belongs to Juna AKhada and I meet him through Chandan (who lives in Delhi and works for AIIMS). I live abroad and I lost my diary where I had alll the contact numbers.
    I want to come to Allahabad Kumbh Mela however not having any luck to find a place to live. My travel dates are from Feb, 10th to Feb 25th, 2013.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. M.Sreenivasan
    M.Sreenivasan says:

    I am coming to Allahabad on 17 feb 2013 at 2:00Am for Ratha saptami bath,pl somebody guide me to reach place & shelter required for 6hrs only.

  3. Jyoti
    Jyoti says:

    Hi, I am working as a researcher for a BBC-commissioned documentary on the Kumbh. We will be filming from the end of January. I am interested in locating any aspiring sadhus who will be ordained and perform the pind daan during the Kumbh. Would you be able to help us find a sadhu who is due to be ordained who might allow us to film that process?

    • Kumbh Mela
      Kumbh Mela says:

      For pind daan you need to contact local sadhus at Ganga ghats. As per my knowledge main pind daan is performed at Gaya temple Bhihar

  4. Sushil Agarwal
    Sushil Agarwal says:

    Hello Sir, I am looking for Shakta sampradaya akhaara or guru in Kumbh,please give me details and location if possible. It shall be of great help.

  5. Mark David Lewis
    Mark David Lewis says:

    I was at Maha kumbh 2001 and the presence of so many enlightened souls and the awesome organization made the experience a highlight of the life..thank you for all who particapted in a very shanti and shakti experience.i trust this mahakumbh will be successful for all who participate. thank you

    • Ranjeet
      Ranjeet says:

      So many enlightened souls? I’m sorry to break your bubble, sir, but there hardly would’ve been one or two. For every billion humans on the Earth, there may be one who has attained God and crossed maya by His grace. Others are just posers.

  6. Partha
    Partha says:

    It was an exhilarating and unique experience of my life. It was just great and the number of people present there was just overwhelming.

  7. Aksh Patel
    Aksh Patel says:

    Im Aksh Patel
    from Mumbai
    please can anyone inform that
    in 2015 nasik kumbh
    where i can meet NATH PANTH
    sadhu or akhada.
    i want to meet SHERNATH BAPU OF GIRNAR.

    please any help would be useful

  8. amol hilal Chaudhari
    amol hilal Chaudhari says:

    hi i m amol Chaudhari from jalgaon maharastra
    i am try to reach bharti ji maharaj nath aakhada..can u give me adress please


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