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Akharas In Kumbh Mela

An Akhara is a wrestling arena. It is an organization of the different sects of saints, Vairaghis, and yogis who have renounced the world. The history of an Akhara dates back to the circa 2500 BC when Adi Shankaracharya established seven Akharas (perhaps 10 as they are also known as Dasnaami), Mahanirvani, Niranjani, Atal, Avahan, Agni and Anand Akhara.

Introduction of Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita also known as Gitopanishad is a religious scripture foundational to Hinduism in World. It is part of the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata which was narrated by Veda Vyasa and written by Lord Ganesha. The text contains the dialogue between the supreme Lord Krishna and Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra pertaining to philosophical and ethical questions.

Ways to Reach Allahabad Kumbh Mela

The last Kumbh Mela festival witnessed the attendance of 70 million devotees from across the world. This time the estimated participation for the festival is around 80 to 90 million. Visiting Allahabad during the mega festival is a tedious task as all the modes of transport including trains, local and state buses would be flocked with the people enthused to witness the spectacle.